Bob Wilson - Character and Creature Animator - Résumé - email - (248)-797-5239

Hi! I am a character and creature animator with over 15 years of professional experience. Above is my animation reel, and I also have a Quicktime version as well as a Vimeo version.

I recently animated some Smurfs in The Smurfs 2 feature film, and Hefty logrolling on the milk jug in this McDonald's commercial.

I also worked on some of the dancing Smurfs in this Britney Spears music video Ooh La La.

I recently worked on this CG teaser for TrackingPoint precision guided firearms, I animated the cougar and all of the sheep in Maya for the animation studio Plastic Wax.

Here are some additional shots of Maya 3d character animation that are not on my reel.

I recently animated Skidmore Studio's lobby mural.

Feel free to check out my Motion Graphics reel (with breakdown sheet )

Here is my 2d After Effects character animation reel, including Watchmen, X-Men, and Iron Man motion comics, animatics for TV commercials, and animation for a Disney website for their Cuties toys.